(Русский) Расшифровка Нострадамуса

Nostradamus  Decryption

-The key Moment in Time -

Andrey Paskevich

If at reading we  perceive quatrain, written by language of astrological symbols then in an old Lion we recognize Saturnoperating all old, in a young lion we recognize Marswhich operates the weapon and sharp subjects.In unusual duel between them we will see intense mutual relation between the planets, named in an astrology a quadrature.

First part.      Pluto comes nearer to the Sun in Nostradamus horoscope.


In the beginning of 2007  Plutocomes nearer to the Sun in Nostradamushoroscope and makes tausquare  with southern and northern in knots natalNostradamuscards. Pic. №


At this time myself – Paskevich Andrey Mihajlovich I work over astrological interpretation of Nostradamus quatrains. By means ofthe method of perusal of prophecies opened in spiritual revelation, I find out the astrological card ciphered by Nostradamus.As a result of continuous concentration of attention in a current of many years on quatrains prophecies I have realised, that in each of quatrains symbolical language of a medieval astrology describeselements of the same astrological card: planets ingression in signs, retrogradical movements of planets, positions of planets in a sign, aspects between planets. From read in quatrains astrological plots as if from puzzles (splinters) I collect complete drawing of an astrological card. I devote to position of each planet separate the head in whom I result examples more than ten quatrains in which one is specified and too position of a considered planet. I find time conformity of the received card and I investigate its power characteristics. The book core «True of Nostradamus» is formed.


23.03.2008 Pluto in exact connection with the Sun in Nostradamus horoscope. Pic. №


Work on the book is finished.


Second Part. Meeting of «True Nostradamus» book author with Alexander and Leya Imshiragich.in Odessa


11.05.2010 years at 21.00 I have met in Odessa Alexander Imshiragich – the director of institute of astrological researches of a name of Johann Kepler and Leya Imshiragich – the teacher of institute – members of international astrological organisation ISAR. About my book Alexander and Лея already knew, and consequently at us interesting discussion on a theme of my research was fastened. We invite you expensive unknown reader, to be present at our conversation as the observer but if you want to ask a question or to express the opinion, we will be glad to the interest shown by you to the discussed theme.


 11.05.2010 years at 21.00 in horoscope Nostradamus Uranium and Jupiter in connection with Northern knot, retrograde Saturn in connection with Southern knot. Transit Southern knot in connection with Jupiter and Saturn in натальной to card Nostradamus.




Alexander: List please what books you have used when were decoding Nostradamus prophecies.



1. «Tetrobiblos» Claudia Ptolemeja.

2. «The book of admonitions to the  bases of astrology art»

Aby Raihana Mukhammad Biruni.

3. «The book of judgements about stars» Abrahama Ben Ezry.

4. «Short introduction in a science about sentences of stars» Abu Mashar.


Being guided by tables of subjects and the phenomenas operated by each planet, each person who is a little familiar with an astrology can distinguish concrete planets in Nostradamus quatrains. I will result some examples:


Saturn proves basically restriction and perfection, it operates narrow passes, tunnels, wells, deserted spaces, vaults, treasures etc.


To Jupiter there corresponds a principle – expansion and consequently it operates wise men, true, virtue, glory, a victory, generosity, nobleness – everything, that corresponds to soul and consciousness expansion.


To Mars there corresponds a principle of action, realisation. It operates wars, the weapon, sharp subjects, murders, robberies, blows of lightnings etc.



The character set, representing planets, can look a senseless combination of words from the point of view of usual logic to which human mind has got used. The logic of higher order, connecting sense symbols – subjects and the phenomena which managers are planets, is accessible to the expanded consciousness, capable to leave on new open spaces of perception of a reality and to consider more difficult systems of conformity.


Alexander: Andrey, please, give an example of one of quatrains in which you distinguish symbols of one of planets.

Andrey: I will give an example of detection of symbols of a planet Saturn.


TO. 1. 13

Exiles full of anger and hatred

Will organise the big plot against the king.

Secretly will enter enemies on an underground entrance,

But its old associates against them will rebel.


Exiles, anger, hatred, plot, the king, an underground entrance,


1.  Exiles. Signs on exile of Saturn are zodiac signs the Cancer and the Lion.

2. The anger and hatred are qualities of Saturn in a sign on the exile.

3. Plot. The planet operating secrets, plots is Saturn.

4. The underground course, also a symbol of Saturn as the underground course is a secret, it narrow and reflects a principle of Saturn – restriction.

5. The king – kings, governors in an astrology operates the Sun.



Alexander: Andrey, give an example of astrological interpretation of one of Nostradamus quatrains.


Andrey: I will give an example the most known to readers quatrain 1.35



TO. 1. 35

The young lion will win the old

In the field of fight, during unusual duel.

In a gold cage will prick out to him  an eye.

One [is formed] of two fleet to die severe death.


This quatrain used to be treated long time as a duel of the king of France Henry The Second with the captain of the Scottish GuardsGabriel Montgomeri. In honour of wedding of the king of Spain Phillip II and daughters Henry II Elizabeth have been arranged knightly tournament on which, absolutely casually, the fragment of a spear of the captain of the Scottish guards of Gabriel Montgomeri has punched a visor of a helmet of king Henry II, and, having passed through an eye, has put it a mortal wound…

If at reading we perceive quatrain, written by language of astrological symbols then in an old Lion we learn Saturn, operating all old, in a young lion we learn Mars which operates the weapon and sharp subjects. In unusual duel between them we will see intense mutual relation between the planets, named in an astrology a quadrature, and is valid this duel is unusual. In a gold cage we will consider connection of Saturn which symbol is the cage with the Sun personifying gold. In two fleet of which one is formed, we distinguish planets connected by intense aspect, each of which is in the zodiac signs concerning water elements and consequently named fleets by prophet.



Alexander: Andrey, about what card goes speech?

Andrey: In process of researches of hundred quatrains by the first century are received co-ordinates of each planet.


  1.  Saturn is in last degrees of the Cancer, comes nearer to the Lion.
  2.  Saturn forms aspect of a quadrature with Mars passing from Scales in the Scorpion.
  3.  The Sun and the Moon in connection with Saturn, before occurrence in the Lion.
  4.  Jupiter is in the Aries and becomes retrograde at the entry of the Sun in Lion.
  5.  Retrograde Jupiter forms friendly aspect trigon with Saturn.
  6.  Mercury is in the Cancer, comes nearer to connection with Saturn.
  7. Venus – in the Maiden.



Alexander: Highly interesting. Andto what time moment there this card corresponds?

Andrey: we will search for Time conformity of a considered card, being guided by its most significant plot – a solar eclipse. Connection of the Sun and the Moon on border of the Cancer and the Lion makes the aspects represented on a figure with other planets. Sun and Moon connections occur every month, connections on Cancer and Lion border are more rare, but connections of the Sun and the Moon on border of these signs near to lunar knot even more an unusual occurrence.

Our task  «to find in time» for the solar eclipse, suitably considered figure. By position of the slowest planets, Saturn and Jupiter, we can draw a conclusion, that the aspect between them is the second trigone connections of Saturn with Jupiter in the Aquarius. Connection of Saturn with Jupiter in the Aquarius occurs 4 times within 180 years, every 60 years. The cycle of connections of Saturn with Jupiter in the Aquarius repeats approximately every 700 years. The previous connection of these planets was in 1345, the following will be in 2020.

The solar eclipse occurring on second trigone of the cycle of connection of Jupiter and Saturn in the Aquarius, in the past was observed 15.08. 291 BC in 17^ Lions (a full solar eclipse) and a ringsolareclipse 7.07.1358 in 22^ Cancer.

In the future the similar eclipse will occurin 2093 23.07 at 14:28 in 1^27`Lion. To this eclipse there corresponds a figure considered by us.




Alexander: These are very interesting data, especially impresses that you in the book say that Nostradamus in the quatrens describes this date in time. I should notice, that this date coincides with the subsequent occurrence of Uranium as a sign of the Aries – such what occurs at the moment and which again will appear in the following cycle.

And even if it is still very early to speak about occurrence during an epoch of the Aquarius, – which will begin only in 2390 -Andrey, what information, in your opinion, contains in a symbol of a zodiac sign the Aquarius – the Person pouring the Liquid from a jug?


Andrey: the Liquid expiring of a jug of the Aquarius isAmrita – a divine drink, comprehension nectar. This stream has been presented to mythologies by a symbol «Devcalion flood» washing off consciousness previous precessional epoch. The stream of the Aquarius in other myth is expressed by Ganimed wine, symbolising the spiritual drink comprising force of spiritual awakening and immortality. It is an intuitive stream of consciousness of mankind released from pride, self-sufficiency, limitation only material assets, mankind realised as a uniform spiritual organism in which freely to feel irrespective of others, cannot neither what its part – nor the people, the person. «The maturity of understanding of freedom is measured by completeness of comprehension of a call of duty».

The true stream, that unites the person with the Spiritual world opens at consciousness of requiring and wishing Spiritual guidance. It is a divine information channel on which of an inner world in soul of mankind light of Divine revelation will pour down. The material life of such organism will be organised under Divine laws and its true happiness consists in it. Therefore the Epoch of the Aquarius is named by the mankind Golden Age.


Alexander: it would be desirable very much, that each human Soul was worthy to drink from this source and could satisfy thirst tested throughout 2100 of an epoch of Fishes.


Andrey:Spiritual experience with which we will approach to the moment of test for a maturity, – will be the admission to a new epoch. There is amount of time still. We will remember terms and favourably will use the time.

The epoch of Fishes is not finished yet, is not summed yet up, human Souls are not weighed yet on Eternity scales. Therefore about the third world war it is necessary to think now, as of war which should not take place. If contradictions which can result in it are solved spiritual and intellectual by, their decision will not concern the event-trigger plan. It can occur only thanks to internal efforts of a spiritual, conceiving part of mankind, it not easy work, to bear on itself mankind karma, it is incurred only by spiritually generated people.

The realised end of an epoch of Fishes consists in extraction by mankind of a lesson and a conclusion from history events of all 2160 summer epoch. To pass through an epoch of the Aquarius, means to analyse and sum up an epoch of Fishes.

Summarising of the previous epoch is a formation of world outlook concepts of following epoch.

Therefore each historical time demands from the person of deeper understanding of spiritual trues, events teaching to mankind, first of all a world outlook lesson. The analysis of sense of the gone through events allows mankind to define level of the consciousness and to develop internal spiritual development strategy.

As a result of epoch end there will be a transformation and synthesis of all existing, ideologies. If the mankind can carry out this transformation intellectual (spiritual) by, it will avoid military and natural conflicts and will keep set of human lives expensive to us. If is not present, these conflicts will create conditions in which the mankind all the same will make similar transformation of ideologies and, hence, the outlook.

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