The spiritual tutor, writer, astrologer Paskevich Andrey Mikhailovich has devoted his life to the truth service. The leader of Kung-Fu School and Buddhist society Andrey Mikhailovich helps the pupils to reveal the depth of inner world and to join the truth current consciously. All work of Andrey Paskevich is devoted to revealing of new level of consciousness in a man. This consciousness of the coming Aquarians Epoch is expressed in new self-perception, perception of life and world spiritual sanitating and Martial methods of man’s self-comprehension are Andrey Paskevich instruments of work. As Andrey Paskevich considers the literature is one of the methods of energy transmission. The basic terms of the author’s work are the spiritual regeneration of a man who has taken the road of Enlighten; it’s the mankind transformation taking the way of spiritual realization. In his first book “Nation and Personality” Andrey Paskevich considers the process of nation formation as spiritual organism which is given all qualities of spiritually developed personality. In esoteric stories Andrey Paskevich expresses this spiritual experience by means of literary images. The new book of the author “Nostradamus Truth” exposes the literal reading method of quatrains in the progress of which astrological map given into the future by Nostradamus is revealed.

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